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Whether it is new construction or much older, Victorian home design ideas is a haven for both history for a modern family . Victorian homes are stunning, seductive, prioritize the details and ornamentation, and are designed for formal and informal styles of life in a more correct time.


Victorian Home Design Ideas
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The large Victorian home design ideas were divided into two parts: the main space where families could entertain other families and entertaining, and informal space where families could be “at home” and be themselves. Always had separate kitchens and cabinets pantries, and most Victorians had a main dining room outside the kitchen. The houses were designed with the idea of ​​having excellent lighting, and many of them had large inputs, two flats, similar to the castles towers, and other decorative details. Larger households or those that were for the upper class had a main front staircase and a ladder service fund used by the servants. Similarly, there was main and service entrance. Even the smaller houses were designed the same way. A villa designed by C.N. 1886 Cornell Alpena; Michigan had a reception room for entertaining, a bedroom on the first floor, and a kitchen that even though it was connected to the rest of the house was away. The kitchen also had pantries and cabinets, and each room had a stove.


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Victorian home design ideas often had sky satin metal panels that were originally installed as fire retardants and had a wonderful decoration. Modern designers can replicate the Victorian style ceilings using an aluminum cover that sticks directly on the ceiling, and then the ceiling metal to wood panels nailed. Hardwood floors are also used. The Victorians loved the details painted wood moldings such as ceilings, cornices and carved wood sculptures. It is often used ornamental wall panels, cladding for doors and large hanging ceiling lights. According to San Francisco Victoriana, a company that specializes in Victorian renovations, the stairs were often carved circular, with railings and columns specially made. The Victorians used moldings and wainscoting on the walls. Another basic concept of Victorian decor includes windows. A Victorian house is not complete without the vibrant exterior color scheme, in San Francisco, for example, three or more colors are used. Many use yellow, blue, green or other colors to highlight the architecture and details of the house.


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Victorian home design ideas were generously furnished and furniture used to be as ornamental and decorative as the same houses. According to the collector of Victorian furniture John Werry, the Victorian style is not monolithic but is divided into periods, including the Neo – Renaissance, Rococo and the Eastlake style. Although this type of type of furniture produced on a large scale, most loved and valued them Victorian craftsmanship , as well as “flashy furniture and skillfully made ​​, full scale , the gilded bronze , the combination of woods and decorative plates, some of which were of brass” as Werry. Other particulars of the furniture and Victorian houses is the use of arches, spiers and shamrocks for the period of the Gothic Revival, a naturalist wildlife such as a laminated rosewood for the Rococo period for the Victorian home design ideas apartment, and parquetry, inlays and overlays for Eastlake furniture style.