How to Protect of Bathroom Wood Furniture

The best wood care of bathroom wood furniture as a precaution against stains and scratches is a seal. Before you seal, you should check if the furniture has already been treated. That explains it best when buying. Because the furniture was already sealed with wood care, you should stick to this wood care. For example, if the manufacturer has treated the wood with oil, wax comes as wood care of the question. If a carpenter can provide information such as the furniture is sealed. Or grind off the furniture and start from now with a new wood care. Are your wood furniture painted enough a damp cloth to wipe off dust.

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Woods are used more frequently in the bathroom. The old prejudice that timber in the bathroom is taboo for a long time no longer applies. To ensure continued enjoyment of your wooden furniture or paneling in the bathroom, you should consider the following. To protect the wood, you will avoid the wooden floor or wood furniture for a long time is absolutely covered with water. When the wood has swollen again, helps no more wood care. Short acting spray is of course no problem. If it area paneling you can make sure the wood quality. We always to check the circulation in the bathroom to collect the wood moisture.

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What should be considered especially about wood ventilation in the bathroom? Just as there is time increase of the temperature degree the water condenses on cold surfaces. Thus, this quick-drying, should be taken care of for good ventilation. Ventilation is important in any bathroom, but especially in bathroom wood furniture, the ventilation should not be neglected. In order to get enough wood to make the wood care in the bathroom, it’s the wood damp wipe and rub two to three times a year.

hard wax oil

The hard wax oil prevents the swelling of the wood. Hard wax oil also has the positive side effect that water runs off easily and is the perfect wood care in the bathroom. Water stains and calcium deposits have no chance. Is a scratch come into the wood: They bows on the scratches with sandpaper and oil to you. In contrast, even at the smallest paint cracks moisture can penetrate deep into the pores of the wood and push the paint during the drying process. There for you can do to protect structural wood furniture includes:

  • Ventilate wall and ceiling coverings sufficiently
  • Seal the wood surfaces so that no (spray) water gets behind it or to the construction of wood
  • To provide furniture with vents that moisture can escape even when closed
  • Use stainless nails, screws and waterproof glue.
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It can be easily treated. However, the oil and wax should be sufficiently resistant to DIN 68881-1C to water, household chemicals, wine, beer and cola. Basically, the open pore treatment of bathroom wood furniture is better. It provides a medium number of advantages over painted surfaces: the wood can breathe, moisture can escape, and swelling and shrinkage are reduced.